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Get Credit for Attending MITS!

Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and Continuous Learning Points (CLPs) are available through this Montgomery AFCEA event. See below for descriptions of available education credits.

Continuing Education Units*

Montgomery AFCEA offers individuals the opportunity to obtain continuing education units (CEUs) at the majority of Montgomery AFCEA-sponsored symposia or conferences, and from time to time offers CEUs through other events, workshops and short courses.

Keynote and invited speaker presentations may be considered for CEUs, as the speakers are often well-respected, learned individuals at the pinnacle of their field.

It is the sole responsibility of the individuals seeking CEU credits for the maintenance of professional credentials to be aware of and follow the professional development requirements of the organization(s), state or jurisdiction to which they are reporting their professional development.

Continuous Learning Points*

If you are a Department of the Air Force certified acquisition workforce member and have met the required Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act (DAWIA) certification for your position, you must earn 80 continuous learning points every two years.

For more information on the DAU Continuous Learning policy, go to:

*Authors, panelists, presenters and speakers may receive additional CEUs and CLPs at Montgomery AFCEA-sponsored symposia or conferences. Please refer to the professional requirements of your organization, state or jurisdiction if seeking CEUs, or consult the DAU guidelines and your supervisor regarding additional CLPs. Montgomery AFCEA can provide documentation and a recommendation in support of additional CEUs or CLPs upon request.

Montgomery AFCEA recommendations for the award of continuing education units (CEUs) and continuous learning points (CLPs) are based on your level of participation and attendance at the event. Registration for the event is not sufficient for Montgomery AFCEA to make a recommendation.

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